Register online or by phone via the City of Fort Collins Recreation Program. You can also register in person at the front desk in the Foothills Activity Center itself. Find all info online at In the Recreator (which comes out quarterly, both in print and online) we are listed under the "Sports" category. Our classes appear as "Shotokan Karate" at the "Foothills Activity Center location".

ATTENTION: Make sure you register for the correct Shotokan Karate course, the one at the Foothills Activities Center location, on Tuesdays & Thursdays. My colleague ISKF karate-instructor, Mr. Brian Davis, also teaches karate through the Fort Collins Recreation Program (same style, same organization) but at a different location (Tico Club) and on different days (Mondays & Wednesdays). If Mr. Davis's dojo and/or schedule fits your life better, please see details at If you want to train 4 times/week, you are welcome to join both dojos; but please register for both.